Curriculum Service

Throughout the curriculum service, students will be engaged in group lessons emulated through a classroom setting in order to learn new topics in areas that are not as thoroughly discussed, especially in school. For example, coding and chess. On top of that, our carefully crafted curriculum is made in partnership with high school students, professors, college students, and teachers in order to ensure that these lessons cover the necessary academic curricula for success.

More than just curriculum, these lessons are meant to feel more like an engaging space of collaboration to foster creativity, critical thinking skills, open mindset, and necessary skills for both in the classroom and out of the classroom. We take pride in our service as one that does not set age as a limit to a student’s ability to learn and grow.

If you are interested in helping out creating curriculums, please contact

We now offer Presidential Volunteer Service Award (PVSA) to qualified volunteers. Please visit our PVSA page for more information.