Tutoring Service FAQ

How do I communicate with my tutor or student?

Our team will pair you and your tutor/student over Slack. Communication must be ONLY over Slack.

Can I earn volunteer hours?

Yes! You can earn volunteer hours. Please contact tutoring@genify.org for more information.

How do I opt out of the tutoring service?

Please contact tutoring@genify.org two weeks before the intended date you will be leaving. This gives our team some time to ensure a smooth transition between tutors/students.

How many tutors or students can I be paired with?

You can be paired with multiple tutors or students at one time. Please contact tutoring@genify.org or our support team on Slack.

What is my time commitment?

We do not have a set time commitment, but we require at least one hour per week. We are very flexible with scheduling tutoring sessions.